Gaynor desperately needs your support to feed 160 stray cats on the streets of the Old Town of Paphos. Why?

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For more than a decade, Gaynor Georgiou has been spending hundreds of euros of her own money each month feeding and caring for more than 160 stray cats living in the old town of Paphos.

Originally from the UK, Gaynor met her Cypriot husband in London when she was just 16 years old. She married him and the pair moved to Paphos almost 25 years ago. Since his death a couple of years ago, Gaynor says that the cats have kept her going; and give her a reason to get up in the mornings.

Seven days a week, whatever the weather, the cat lover does a daily round of selected feeding places in Paphos town. She feeds and waters the cats who rush to greet her. Despite receiving a recent cut in her pension allowance, Gaynor still uses the bulk of her income to feed the cats she adores.

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Gaynor says that she understands the emphasis recently has been placed on helping to feed the needy families of the area in the wake of the financial crisis and admits she feels embarrassed to ask for help for the animals.