Promising Future for One-eyed Mama Cat and her Blind Kitten

As told to Ursula Krieger...

Gaynor told me about a mama cat with one eye that had recently shown up with her two kittens at the “E&S stop” (see map). 

This is an abandoned building where several feral cats live and unfortunately quite a few have their kittens inside the run down structure.  With the opening of the newly constructed Alpha Mega right next door the increase in traffic has made the location very dangerous for the all of the cats, especially the young kittens.

Lately her concern for this poor Mama cat and her two young kittens had grown but coming up with a solution is always very difficult and more times than not, impossible.  Both of the kittens seemed to have eye infections and Gaynor would try to clean their faces each time she was there.  The heavy traffic from Alpha Mega was just not a good place for them to be and she was very worried.  Unfortunately, a few days later one of the kittens didn’t show up and assumed to not have made it. So now it was just the Mama and her one, almost blind, ginger kitten.  Something had to be done.

While Gaynor was there one day feeding them, it was good fortune that she met the lovely Emma and her daughter Mary.  They were cat lovers themselves and had several pet cats at home and were familiar with all the work that Gaynor does.  Gaynor told them about the Mama and Kitten and Emma and Mary graciously offered to Sponsor the Mama and Kitten.

So a plan was made to get the Mama spayed and try to rescue and find a solution for both Mama and Kitten.

Gaynor went to the Paphos Municipality to obtain a certificate for the Feral Spay/Neuter Program and was able to bring them to Dr. Nicolas Antoniou at Pet & Vet for the spay and he even took a look at the kitten.  While the Mama cat was being spay, Marianna at Petz Stuff watched the kitten so Gaynor could go on to the rest of her feeding stops.

By that evening the Mama and Kitten were off to their new home away from the abandoned building and to be cared for and loved.

It is really thanks to lovely caring people like Emma and Mary Taylor, Dr. Antoniou and his staff at Pet & Vet, Marianna and Petz Stuff and all the amazing donors that contribute that we can have a few happy endings like this.

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