An Injured Mr. Grey, a familiar and long time feral

As told to Ursula Krieger...

Gaynor told me about a one of her long time regulars, affectionately named “Mr. Grey” at her feeding stop “near the Charity shop” (see map) by Froutaria Supermarket that had recently gone missing for a few weeks since June.

Mr. Grey fortunately returned mid July and was not in good shape.  He had lost weight, he was in shock and he had a terrible wound on his neck and was unable to eat anything.  Everyone thought that it was either from a snake bite or possibly a fight with a dog.

Gaynor was able to trap him and take him into Paphiakos Animal Rescue where Dr. Phillippos was able to treat his wounds and get him stitched up and hopefully recover.  He remained at the shelter for a few days, with the loving staff looking after him with love and help feeding.  Mr. Grey was finally able to leave but was in an E-collar to prevent him from disturbing his injury/stitches and definitely needed someone to look after him. 

Mr. Grey had a fan and supporter that was familiar with him and willing to take him home and care for him while he recovered until getting stitches out a week later.

This was a good way for him to get the care he needed to recover as well as see if this could be a situation that would work out as a “forever home” and how Mr. Grey got on with the household.  The foster/care giver was open to the possibility.

Mr. Grey’s stitches were removed the beginning of August and he seems to be recovering well from the injuries on his neck.

This was a very traumatic injury for him and he is still having some issues with eating and making a full recovery.  His foster fan is taking him in for follow up visits and tests with Dr. Phillipos at Paphiakos and keeping us updated.  We will let you know how he progresses.

It is really thanks to lovely caring people like our volunteer that took care of Mr. Grey during his recovery and is providing a possible “forever home” for him as well.  To Dr. Phillipos and the loving Staff at Paphiakos that looked after him and took such good care of him while he was there.  And, of course, to all the amazing donors that contribute so that we can have a few happy endings like this.

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