February 2022

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Welcome to the 2nd Mewsletter!

Keeping you up to date with all the cat action on the streets of Old Town Paphos.

The big story this month was baby Moro and her surgery. Over several weeks it was noticed that Moro was not moving her legs and something needed to be done urgently. The baby was taken to CYVET where Dr Christos immediately spotted there was an issue with her sternum. He diagnosed her with Pectus Excavatum which he could fix with surgery. Following the surgery Moro made an immediate improvement. She has physio everyday with her foster parents and her prognosis is looking good!

February Stories

Once again the kind heartedness of the PCL supporters has allowed us to continue with the TNR program. From the Mosque stop, Luna, Irene and Leah were successfully trapped, neutered and released back to the colony. Leah spent a couple of extra nights with her foster parents due to digestive issues before being released. She rejoined her colony with an extra treat of lunch in Gaynor’s car!

Medical Emergencies

Bruiser from the Mosque stop was taken to the vet as he was not eating and there were concerns about his breathing. The vet removed several of his front teeth which were impacting his sinuses. Unfortunately he contracted hypothermia and is staying with his foster parents until he recovers fully.

Dan from the Mayfair stop has been to the vets again. He suffers from Gingivitis and has had to have more teeth removed. Whilst there, he had his blood tested and fortunately is negative for FIB and FeLV.

Shaun, the cat in foster care needed a return visit to Dr Nik as he developed new abscesses. He took the treatment well and seemed to understand we were all just trying to help him. He will remain in care until the wound has fully closed.


Mavro the young cat with Cryptococcus is progressing fantastically. Her lesions have nearly gone and continues with the daily medication. She has a new found energy and loves playing all the time. She has definitely reclaimed her lost youth from when she was under the weather.

Spotlight on Adoptions


We are looking for our new forever home. We are litter brothers and adore each other so we come as a pair. We are still grieving for the loss of our human momma who recently passed away very unexpectedly. As such, we are very shy and like to hide in safe places. We would need a quiet home with no other pets and patient humans who will give us the time and space to get accustomed to our new life.

If you would like to learn more about us, please contact Paphos Cat Lady..

Lots of love,

Dolce and Louie xx

Next Month

We are planning on getting some of the males in for TNR as this will reduce the fights between males on the streets as well as reducing the amount of unwanted litters. We are also hoping to get several of the cats with minor medical needs looked at by Dr Nik.

Keep a look at for our new fundraising initiative, ‘sponsor a feeding station’. Over the next month we will be showing off Gaynor’s feeding stops in Old Town Paphos and some of the feline characters that frequent them. Check out the Facebook page in March for further information.

We would like to thank Geoff and Liz at Petzstuff and Dr NiK and Anna from Pet & Vet who support the Paphos Cat Lady in the feeding and care of the street cats.