Issue 03 2022

Keeping you up to date with all the cat action on the streets of Old Town Paphos.

Due to the higher than normal amount of medical emergencies this month the TNR program has been a little slower to start than we would normally prefer. Athos, who is the most confident one of the three kitten brothers from the Mosque feeding station was successfully caught and neutered. Neutering also takes place when we treat a medical emergency providing the cat can cope with the extra surgery. This has a positive impact on the quality of life for the cats as well as making things a little bit calmer at the feeding colonies.

Medical Emergencies

March saw an unusually high number of medical emergencies. There were multiple infections, cat flu, dental problems, parasites, soft tissue injuries and a tail amputation! Thankfully, all of the cats above have been successfully released back into their colonies with the exception of Mary. She needs a little more time to completely recover from her parasitic infection. 

We are immensely gratefully to the Paphos Cat Lady supporters and those who donate money towards the medical expenses. Without your generosity, we simply would not be able to help sick and injured cats. We are also running a scratch card fundraiser to help with vet bills. Head over to Facebook for your chance to win a cash prize!

Sadly, we had to let Shaun go at the end of March. He was in palliative care with his foster carers with advanced kidney failure. RIP Shaun, you will be greatly missed. 


Spotlight on Adoption

We are so pleased to report that Louie, Dolce and Cyril found their furever homes this month. A huge thank you to the beautiful humans who have opened their homes and hearts to these three gents.

Baby Moro is still looking for her furever home! Due to her medical condition and her ongoing treatment at CYVet, we are looking for someone in the Paphos region who would like to adopt this little fighter. She requires assistance with feeding, going to the toilet and daily exercises to help with her strength and mobility. The vet is confident that she will grow into an active, fully mobile cat as she matures. Please message us on Facebook for information or if you think you could offer this gorgeous kitten a new home.

Next Month


It’s Gaynor’s birthday on April 11th. Please join us in wishing her a happy birthday and maybe raise a can of Carlsberg in her honour!

It’s coming up to holiday season so if anyone would like to meet Gaynor and possibly volunteer whilst they’re here, please message the Facebook page.

We would like to thank Geoff and Liz at Petzstuff and Dr Nick and Anna from Pet & Vet for their continued support to the Paphos Cat Lady in the feeding and care of the street cats. In addition, a big thank you to Luanne from Fishing for Felines for her support in catching the more elusive feral cats.

Help feed and care for the stray cats in Old Town Paphos.

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