Issue 05 2022

Keeping you up to date with all the cat action on the streets of Old Town Paphos.

Temperatures are on the up




The heat and humidity are on the rise in Paphos with temperatures now regularly reaching the mid to high twenties. In these conditions, access to water becomes increasingly important for the street cats. Gaynor ensures there is fresh, cold water at each feeding station every day. Some cats enjoy lapping from the pots, some enjoy drinking from the flow as Gaynor pours and some even like to splash their paws in it! Please consider putting out water for stray animals especially if you are feeding them dry food or if you see them panting. If you see an empty water pot please replenish it and move it into nearby shade if required. The animals really do appreciate it.

Two males were successfully neutered this month, Portokali from the Cafe Nero stop and Shouty Baby from the Bus Stop. They both took it in their stride and were happily released the next day. This brings us one step closer to our aim of getting 100% of the cats at Gaynor’s stops neutered.

Medical Emergencies

May presented three medical emergencies that required immediate attention. A foreign object in the eye, a dental infection and parasites and another road traffic accident. Fortunately, Ormofi and Harry are back in their respective colonies after treatment. Harry should get a loyalty card for the vets! Filikos remains in veterinary care following spinal surgery. We hope she will be able to go into temporary foster care to continue her recovery in a couple of weeks.

Spotlight on Adoption

Last month, we told you about Daisy from the next stop in the Medical Emergencies section. She had an extended stay in temporary foster care as it took much longer than anticipated for her eye injury to heal. This loving older lady enjoyed her time off the streets so much, that she has found her furever home. Her new human reports that she has settled in nicely and has confidently claimed her space!


Once again we are featuring Moro. He has now been neutered and given his first course of vaccinations. His temperament has improved and he evens enjoys a brief cuddle now and again! He still can’t walk but is still very active. He pulls himself along, bunny hops, plays with multiple different types of toys and toilets independently. He uses a frame when feeding and enjoys a wet wipe facial groom afterwards. If you can give this adorable little soul a home please contact us.

Volunteers Needed

The Paphos Cat Lady team is looking for volunteers. There is a small but dedicated team of people who support her behind the scenes. There are those running the social media accounts or the website, cat catchers for TNR or vet visits, temporary foster carers and a support network both in Cyprus and the UK. Not forgetting the extended team of professionals who support by supplying food, medical care and advice for the cats.

That being said, we are in desperate need of volunteers to help with the feeding run out on the streets with Gaynor. If you think you could help, please contact us through Facebook.

Thank You

We would like to thank Geoff and Liz at Petzstuff and Dr Nik and Anna from Pet & Vet for their continued support to the Paphos Cat Lady in the feeding and care of the street cats. Thank you to Luanne from Fishing for Felines for her continued support in catching the more elusive feral cats. In addition, a big thank you to Christine and her team at Paphiakos Animal Clinic as well as Dawn and her team at Tala Cat Park and to those who have generously donated this month.

Help feed and care for the stray cats in Old Town Paphos.

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