Issue 01 2022

Welcome to the first ever Mewsletter!

Keeping you up to date with all the cat action on the streets of Old Town Paphos.

It was a sad start to 2022 with the devastating loss of a valued member of the Paphos Cat lady team. Irene Kimmel was a true friend to Gaynor and supported her when she broke her leg, going out with her every day on her route to ensure the cats were fed and that Gaynor had her daily cat fix. She was the creator of the Paphos Cat Lady website and set up much of the behind-the-scenes processes which allow us to help the cats including DonorBox and PayPal. This newsletter was her idea, so this first edition is dedicated to her memory. She will be greatly missed and our thoughts are with her friends and family.

January Stories

Thanks to the kindhearted donations of PCL supporters, the TNR program continues to gain momentum. This month, Chloe and Mary from the Lower Bus Stop were trapped, neutered and reintegrated back into their colony. The whole process was a complete success, and these two young ladies are now free to live a healthier life without multiple pregnancies.

Medical Emergencies

Just before Christmas, Jacko from the Bins Stop broke his leg. After one month in foster care, he was successfully released to his colony and regularly attends the feeding sessions. He is looking good, walking well and back to his usual, friendly self when he hears Gaynor’s car arrive.

Harry from the Bins stop had an ankle injury which turned into an abscess. He was taken to Dr Nick and the team at Pet & Vet where it was drained and treated. Whilst under he had his teeth sorted and was neutered! Quite a lot for an old boy! He took a few days to forgive us but is a regular once again.

Another cat treated by Dr Nick was Milo who is from the stop near Gaynors home. He was taken in with a swollen and distorted ear. This turned out to be a haematoma caused by ear mites. After draining the ear he was sentenced to 7 days in the cone of shame!


Shaun, who had the infected abscess is still with his foster parents as the wound is taking its time closing. He receives daily applications of a special gel to help the skin grow back and is free from pain and infection. He’s a rather fussy eater and is still a bit wary of humans. However, he does allow the occasional head scratch and gentle brushing.

Spotlight on Adoption

I am looking for a new home. I really love company and laying in front of a fire. I’m not a fussy eater and I know how to use a litter tray.

I love to play with my toys and would be able to live with children who would like to join in on these games but I would like any children in my new home to be older as I haven’t really been around children before.

If you would like to learn more about me, please contact Paphos Cat Lady..

Lots of love,

Mavro xx

Next Month

There are already two more females identified for neutering and we hope to catch them soon. We are entering the new mating season which sees a lot of fights between toms. If we need to take them to the vet, we will endeavour to get them neutered at the same time. This will reduce the fights in the colonies, hopefully reducing the injuries we have to deal with.

This year we hope to enter the world of Tik Tok and maybe even YouTube to reach an even wider demographic. There will also be regular updates to the website with more cat stories. So stay tuned to however you get your Paphos Cat Lady news for further updates.

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