June/July 2022

Issue 06 2022

Keeping you up to date with all the cat action on the streets of Old Town Paphos.

Could You Give Moro a Home?

Moro has been in temporary foster care since his dramatic rescue back in February. He’s been on quite the medical journey and is now thriving despite having Cerebellar Hypoplasia or “wobbly cat syndrome”.

We are desperately looking for a forever home for Moro but understand it is a big responsibility to take on a disabled cat. So, we’ve answered some of the common questions we get asked about him and outlined his daily routine in the hope of finding the right human for him.

Can he walk?

No, but he can get around using his claws and if he's feeling energetic, he can bunny hop!

How does he communicate?

He's quite vocal when he want's something and will give you a little nibble if he's hungry.

How does he eat and toilet?

He eats from a feeding frame that was specially built for him. We place him in a litter tray, he goes whilst lying on his side and then we lift him out.

Can he clean himself?

Yes, he's become very good at grooming himself. However, being a long haired cat, he appreciates a wet wipe after eating and daily brushing.

How is his general health?

Excellent. His ingrowing chest has been corrected, he is neutered, fully vaccinated and free from all parasites.

How would you describe his personality?

A human lover on his terms! He likes to be where humans are but enjoys his own space around them. He's pretty smart too and picks things up quickly.

June was a productive month with five males and one female being neutered. Portokali Junior, Dave and 50 Shades from the Lower Bus stop have been done which means we believe there is only one left to get at this stop. All three returned the next day with no ill feelings! George from the Mosque was also trapped and successfully released the next day and is doing well. We also managed to get Jenny, a young female who comes to the Charity Shop stop. We wanted to catch her before she became pregnant. Whilst there, she was also treated for an ear infection. She went back to her colony and got lots of fuss from Gaynor.

Medical Emergencies

June and July have presented with 3 medical situations. Blofeld was taken in to assess his eyes as we were concerned he was losing his vision. He is blind in one eye and was treated for an infection in the other. Whilst he was under, he was castrated.

Kitler was treated for a serious flea infestation and allergy and Bella was treated for gingivitis. She stayed in foster care for a week and learned to trust humans a little more.

Unfortunately, we had to sat goodbye to 2 cats in June. Both Sausage Legs and Dorain were from the Mosque stop and will be greatly missed.

Volunteers Needed

Gaynor will be going in for an operation on her right hip around 20th August. She will need approximately 2 weeks of complete rest, and then approximately 2-3 weeks on a walking frame.
Gaynor’s major concern is who will look after the cats? So to put her mind at rest, we are starting to look for volunteers who can help with the daily feeding run. We would love someone who has time to do all the feeding stops, but appreciate you may only be able to cover one or two. Food and water will be provided.
There is a map of her feeding stops here.
Please contact us thorugh the Facebook page. There will be a volunteer WhatsApp group so we can co-ordinate the schedule and share updates.

Thank You

We would like to thank Geoff, Shirley and Liz at Petzstuff and Dr Nik and Anna from Pet & Vet for their continued support to the Paphos Cat Lady in the feeding and care of the street cats. Thank you to Luanne from Fishing for Felines for her continued support in catching the more elusive feral cats. In addition, a big thank you to Christine and her team at Paphiakos Animal Clinic as well as Dawn and her team at Tala Cat Park and to those who have generously donated this month.

Help feed and care for the stray cats in Old Town Paphos.