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Gaynor desperately needs your support to feed 160 stray cats on the streets of the Old Town of Paphos.

For over 30 years Gaynor has been caring for cats. 

Gaynor Georgiou has been spending hundreds of euros of her own money each month, feeding and caring for more than 160 stray cats living in the Old Town of Paphos.

Before the beautiful modernisation and refurbishment of the newly pedestrianised Old Town, Gaynor’s work was appreciated by the tourists and the local community who basked in the Cyprus sunshine in the Coffee shops and restaurants around the town.

Tourist buses would arrive daily in the centre of the town and tourists would watch as Gaynor was feeding and caring for the cats. They would give donations of food or money to Gaynor to support her hard work. However, when the modernisation started the cats needed to trust Gaynor to move them to a safe environment away from the bulldozers and machinery. 

They eventually found five places of safety but in areas that tourists do not frequent. Therefore, the donations Gaynor has received in the past are not as forthcoming.

The care and attention that Gaynor lavishes on these Cyprus cats is evident, with each one having its own name and its plate to eat from. Gaynor’s day starts as early as five am, mixing the wet and dry food for all the cats, filling the water bottles and loading her car up before embarking on her daily rounds of checking and feeding each cat in each of the five areas.

Gaynor Georgiou - Celebrating Over 30 Years caring for Old Town Paphos Cats

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As well as spending money on flea treatments, checking for ticks, checking for injuries and pregnancies, Gaynor also ensures that the stray cats are neutered. Unfortunately, some of the cats were dumped in bags as kittens and Gaynor tries to re-home as many as possible. Her day does not stop at this… Gaynor then shops for the best deals on food and treatments in order to re-stock her supplies. 

The 70+ year-old is also appealing for any offers of help from volunteers to help her on her rounds even for a few hours a week. Her work never ends, in rain or sunshine, 365 days of the year!

Please read the articles below and watch the videos! Support Gaynor by leaving a small donation to support our Cyprus cats. 

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Gaynor says that she understands the emphasis recently has been placed on helping to feed the needy families of the area in the wake of the financial crisis and admits she feels embarrassed to ask for help for the animals.

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