Old Town Feeding Stations

Gaynor has numerous feeding stations in the Old Town Paphos area. You may have even seen her out and about or at one of the stops caring for the stray cats. Below is a map showing the feeding stations. If you visit these locations, you may see cats, water and food dishes and maybe even Gaynor herself.

We hope that by sharing the locations of the feeding stations, they will be used responsibly and to see Gaynor in action. If you are concerned about the welfare of a stray cat in Paphos, please contact us via Facebook and we will do our best to help you.

Ways You Can Help

Keep some fresh water in your car and refresh the water at the stops.

Containers are usually there but often they get blown or thrown away. Keeping cleaned out meat/food containers works in a snap to use for food or water.

Pick up a bag of dry cat food to keep in your car so that you can put a few biscuits out.  We recommend Petz Stuff in Chloraka.

Make a food donation at Petz Stuff. You can also make a financial donation and they will add it Gaynor’s account.

Help feed and care for the stray cats in Old Town Paphos.