Thank YOU to all our donors and sponsors!

We would like to THANK and Recognise all the wonderful caring people that have provided support to Gaynor over the years.  Many have contributed to Gaynor when they run into her at the market or out feeding the cats but below is a small list (from PayPal and our Donations Forms and Fundraisers) and is updated every few weeks. 

Please accept our apologies if you have donated and are NOT on the list or would rather your donation be Anonymous.  You can send a message for any corrections, deletions or additions via email ( or message us on the Paphos Cat Lady Facebook page.

Restaurants - Upper Old Town Market


Adrienne Allen-Laing
Cliff Allister
Rodrigo Alves
Julie Anderson
Barry Appleton
Petra Bartholomew
Margaret & Ian Beetham
Cathrin Bell
Bogdan Besliu
Angela Bird
Elayne Blackmore
Aileen Blaikie
Andrew Blay
Philip Bloom
Sue Le Boutillier
Clive Bradley
Alan Burdett
Angela Carter
Patrick Carter
Fiona Cockbain
Lisa Constantinou
Janette Cowan
Sue Dalton
Gemma Day
Sylvia Dennell
Joel Duncan
Sheldon & Deb Dyer
Michele Ekins
Electa Communications Ltd
Dawn Elmore
Joshua Enkin
Neil Esslemont
Angela Evans Elms
Fruzsina Fejes
Catherine Fenton
Kassandra Fisk Georgiou
Neville Fraser
Panagiotis Georgiou
Hanna Gerlach
Michelle Gibson
Patricia Grieve
Janet Hall
Susan Hancock
Jacky Hanif
Mike Hayes
Harald Hess
Tracey Hill
Monica hogan
Denise Holt
Mandy Hood
Mandy James
Stanislaw Jarzabek
Carina Jensen
Michaela Kappeler
Patricia Kelly
Evgeny Kelmanov
Marianna Koufetta
Jenny Larcom
Lori Lauck
Sue Le Boutillier
Dianne Leith
Toni & Mark Lingfield
Archibald Long
Angie Lovelace
Ann Lowe
Dianne Macdougall
Stephen Macleod
Joe Maisto
Gp Marsden
Cecilia Mccairns
Corey McClintock
Danny Mccormack
Marcia Miller
Nadina Moustra
Cathrin Newton
Walter Oppenheim
Derek Paget
Paul Phillips
Teresa Phillips
Heather Pieris
Linda Raine
Ange Ringe
Laura Robertson
Michelle Rogers
George Sandev
Julia Schimnowski
Paula Searle
Ekaterina Severova
Brigita Smaliukaite
Bev Smith
Peggy Smits
Ray Spencer-Bamford
Cheryl Spreadbury-Mead
Emma Stewart
Sally Stroud
Venesia Stroud
Vanessa Tassel
Donna Taylor
Emma Taylor
Lorraine Thistlethwaite
A.L. Thomas
Nico ( Debo ) Tipaldi
Russell Tippett
Kathie Tully
Eleonora van Ditmars
Klaus Vogt
William Walsh
Frida Walstrom
Joe Wheatley
Janet Wilson
Brenda Wood
Neil XX
Sonja Angela Ziehr

Updated 25 June 2020

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